Ali H. Abdulla
22 January 2007

Fasyal Ali Warabe is the chairman of UCID, one of the three political parties registered in Somaliland. He is a controversial person who does not usually calculate his words like most politicians do. His strategy to reach power relies on negativity and statements that are meant to alienate Northern Somalis from their brothers in the South.

A resume posted at the website of his party lists his work experience in Somalia as follows:
– Regional Director, Ministry of Public Works, Somalia
– Director of Planning & Building, Ministry of Public Works
– Chief Engineer, Mogadishu City, Somalia
– President of a Private construction Company ( AYAAN)

The resume conspicuously leaves out the dates Faysal held these positions in Somalia. However, a quick investigation revealed that he never participated in the SNM campaign against the regime of Siyad Barre and was considered a loyal civil servant until the final collapse of the government. This clearly illustrates that Faysal was a loyal member of the same regime that he now accuses of killing his own people.

Past statements by Faysal never elicited much reaction from Somalis, but it seems that he has gone too far this time by comparing the Somali flag to a Nazi flag used by the Faqash to kill his folks. To him, the flag is just like a rag that can be replaced at will.

Being born in 1948, and a Hargeisian, Faysal could have been one of the elementary school students standing under the same flag he now derides, repeating the famous words of Tima Cadde “Kanna sib, Kanna Saar” as the blue flag was being hoisted in Hargeisa, a few days before it also replaced the Italian flag in Mogadishu, thus ending the era of the ugly British and Italian rules in Somalia.

Dr. Ali Bahar eloquently details the history of the flag in his article on Awdalnews “Hatred overtakes Faisal Waraabe’s soul” and there is no need to repeat that here.

The tactics of Faysal reminds one of Hitler and the Nazis who believed that the Aryan race to which they belonged was superior to all other races. Many statements attributed to Faysal smack of disturbingly similar Nazi believes. When the Islamic Courts swung to power in many parts of Somalia, he proclaimed that people from Mudug are not qualified to teach Islam to the off-springs of Bani Hashim in Somaliland, the family of the Prophet (Peace be upon him).

It seems that Faysal lacks wisdom, vision and charisma and reverts to sensationalism to garner the support of the people of Somaliland. Most Somali-Landers do not take him seriously and dismiss his words as immature. However, Faysal should be taken seriously and should not be dismissed lightly like the German people initially dismissed Hitler and his demagogy. As we all know, Faysal always calls for an open war with Puntland over Sool and Sanaag, and he can guide us unwillingly into a destructive war that we cannot afford. Given the fact that Faysal is a heartbeat away from becoming the president of Somaliland in the event of winning the presidential elections due to be held in a few years, a close scrutiny of his actions and words is a must.

Somalis usually have a non-written code where people respect the feelings of others. Normally, any perceived affronts are remedied with a compensation known as Xaal. Instead of offering a proper “Xaal” to the millions of Somalis he insulted by burning their beautiful flag, Fasyal brazenly offered a halfhearted apology attributing the act to a bunch of youth. To add insult to injury, his apology carried a bigger insult when he compared the blue flag to a Nazi flag, rendering his apology worthless.

Faysal should know that more than 6 million Somalis love this flag and are ready to die for it. They are all offended by his statements and demand an explanation and a proper “Xaal” for insulting their national symbol.

Such actions merely bring about tit-for-tat reactions such as the retaliatory burning of the Somaliland flag in many parts of Sool and Sanag. This reminds me of the words of Sheikh Hamza Yusuf who in a lecture advised Muslims against burning the US flag to avoid triggering similar burnings of Muslim flags bearing the “Tawhiid” such as the Saudi flag. It also reminds me of the sayings of the prophet (PBU) who warned us against insulting others lest they insult us back including our forbearers.

As a northerner and a believer in Somali Unity, I would like to express my regrets for the actions of Faysal, and I hereby call upon all Somalis from the North to express their indignation at his words and actions. I also call upon Faysal to grow up professionally and start calculating his words. One can achieve ones goals without insulting or belittling others. Our religion and culture call upon us to respect the feelings of others.

I would also like to remind our brothers in the South that the behavior of Faysal is not representative of the general population in the North. A recent party held in Dubai, in support of a peaceful change in Somalia and the restoration of law and order, was attended by a large audience from the North and the South. Although many people do not agree with the tactics of the TFG and its reliance on Ethiopian troops to enter Mogadishu, the attendance expressed their desire for peace and stability and the restoration of the Somali State. The following sampling of individuals from the North who attended the party clearly shows that Faysal is climbing up the wrong wall:

Mr. Hussein Bulalae, the ambassador of Somalia to the UAE, is from Berbera. He participated in the failed 1960 coup led by Xasan Kayd. He sponsored the party and expressed his full support for the resurrection of the Somali state.

Boqor Buur Madaw is a traditional leader from Western Sanaag. He played an important role in brokering a peace deal between the current president of the TFG and his former adversary, the current President of Punland. He was also instrumental in the release of Zamzam, the young girl who was wrongly accused of being a spy and raped in Hargeisa jails. In the party, he expressed his hope and desire for peace in the South and advised the TFG to opt for peace with all sectors of the Somali society. Unlike Faysal, the boqor used to be an SNM fighter who knows the horror of war and always strives for peace.

Abwaan Cali Sugule, a northern artist, who worked up the audience into a big frenzy by reliving his famous song, “Waabaa beryey bilicsan arooryo baxsan maalin boqran”.

The daughter of the father of Education, Maxamud Axmed Cali, who expressed her emotion on the stage when a Somali singer started singing “Haybad waxaad kuleedahay dhulkaaga hooyo”

A number of businessmen from the North who contributed handsomely to the expenses of the gathering.

Engineer Faysal Xawar, from Eastern Sanaag who gave a nostalgic PowerPoint presentation of Somali history from the days of the Pharaohs till today.

These northern individuals and many others nullify the hatred of Faysal towards anything Southern and symbolize hope for all of us; that Somalis will reunite peacefully in the near future.

As for Fasyal, if he insists on this ugly Nazi path, I would like to remind him of the main character in the famous poem “Kibir”, a character similar to his own and who refused to acknowledge others and respect their rights. I invite him to read the whole poem and try to understand its wisdom.

“Inta uu kashbacay oo kibroo kamman wan weyn yeeshay
Yuu niman karaamiyo colba leh kiish ka buuxsadaye”

Ali H. Abdulla