For Immediate Release

The unfortunate, but internecine, conflict raging in Mogadishu between the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and its opponents as well as developments elsewhere in the country have apparently thrown the secessionist camp in Somalia’s Northwestern Region (‘Somaliland’) into disarray and confusion.

Early this year the secessionist camp made a series of demonstrations in the UK, followed by a petition to the British Prime Minister to recognize the enclave – a petition which was naturally denied.

The secessionists have now – perhaps as a result of that denial – abandoned their claim to peace and quiet in contrast to “southern Somalia,” and have opted for a belligerent policy designed to bring two pro-Unity northern regions, Sool, Sanaag and Cayn (which rejected their secessionists’ project) within their camp through military conquest so as to demonstrate to the outside world that they control the entire area of what used to be called British Somaliland.  Fully aware that Hargeisa does not have the ability to do that, perhaps this is a Machiavellian effort to instigate and drag the fully engaged TFG into a new conflict in the northern regions.

Accordingly, mobilizing from far away Hargeisa, the Secessionists tried during the past two weeks to make armed incursions into some of the towns and villages such as Huddun, Awr Boogeys and Dhahar only to be rebuffed by the local populations. The bulk of their militia is made up of former SNM militia re-cast as a ‘Somaliland’ national army.

At the same time the secessionists spared no effort in adding fuel to the fire raging in our national capital by trying to forge an alliance, albeit false, with the Hawiye – a clan which is unswervingly committed to the unity and territorial integrity of our country.

We, the Northern Somalis for Peace & unity (NSPU) condemn in the strongest terms these nefarious acts on the part of the secessionists and we pray that our people throughout Somalia will surmount their difficulties and unite for peace and prosperity with a view of securing a more stable future for posterity.

Therefore, consistent with NSPU advocacy and commitment to peace and unity among all the citizens of the Somali Republic, we strongly urge and appeal to:

  • The international community, specially the International NGOs, the UN, the EU, IGAD, and aid Donor countries/organizations to condemn the naked aggression of the secessionists entity, Somaliland, against the peaceful population of the Sool and Sanag Region and use their influence and leverage over the Hargeisa secessionists to refrain from undermining the current international efforts to stabilize the country;
  • Call upon the Isaaq elders and intellectuals, specially those from Western Sanaag and Togdheer Regions, to condemn these heinous acts against your neighbors, which if continued, will trigger tragic conflicts which will severely impact the relative peace and stability in the area;
  • Call on the remnants of the Somali National Movement (SNM), an Isaaq militia which in the confusion that followed the collapse of the central government in 1991, orchestrated the creation of ‘Somaliland’, to shed their banner of hate and refrain from actions and words that will once again lead to a conflict among the brotherly northern clans; and
  • Call upon the Diaspora ‘Somalilanders’ and ‘Somaliland’ Part-time politicians, with their families safely in foreign countries (read: Faisal Waraabe, Ahmed Siilaanyo et al), to momentarily reflect on their doings and refrain from incitement and hate mongering the consequences of which may not directly affect them but will surely impact on the poor folks back home, irrespective of clan affiliation.

May peace prevail among the long-suffering people of Somalia and may a new horizon of unity prosperity and prosperity dawns on our country.  And may wisdom dawn on the bearers of hate.

Gamal Hassan,
Director, Communication & Public Relations


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NORTHERN SOMALIS FOR PEACE & UNITY (NSPU) is a grass-roots Somali advocacy organization with Branches in Somalia, United Arab Emirates, Canada, USA, UK, Sweden, and South Africa. We are dedicated to the promotion of peace and unity among the long suffering people of Somalia.  We believe the ‘Somalia problem’ can only be dealt with within the framework of a holistic strategic approach aimed at the empowerment of a central government to rebuild national democratic  governance institutions and restore law and order throughout the country. NSPU believes the balkanization of Somalia is a recipe for future conflicts and a bleak future for the  Somali people, who are bonded by ethnicity, language, religion, and shared centuries-old  culture and  traditions.