The birth of Maakhir State of Somalia has led to irresistible jubilation in many parts of the world as the Maakhirians in Diaspora and inside Somalia welcomed the idea of having an independent regional government which will safeguard their political independence, but more of a government that will indeed improve the dire situation in Sanaag and Western Bari regions. The Maakhirians in Diaspora did indeed realise that Sanaag and Western Bari needed a government and rule of law that the locals yearned for many years by ardently and collectively uniting behind the creation of a regional State in Sanaag and Western Bari.The Birth of Puntland was a hope that never materialised and ended in a situation of agony, misery, and recurrent inter-clan conflicts. Besides, after so many years of administrative neglect, the Puntland Authority tried to tap the natural resources of Sanaag and Western Bari for its own benefit, and again the Puntland militias started trading charcoals and other illegal trading activity.Meetings after meetings the elders and independent politicians in Sanaag and western Bari agreed the need for an Independent Regional Government called Maakhir State of Somalia which will put itself under the Federal Republic of Somalia.

The initial dream of the creation of Maakhir State of Somalia was realised and Maakhirians showed the regional Powers the power of will and their determination of self rule and self governance, which in return will yield enhanced security, prosperity and democratic values.

The Federal Authority in Mogadishu is yet to announce its position on Maakhir State of Somalia however the central Government can not stop the will and the desire of Maakhirians, also the Federal Constitution is in favour of this building bloc system to unilaterally set up own Regional States.

There have been initial talks between Ali Mohammad Gheedi, the Prime Minister of Somalia, and the Col Jibrell Ali Salaad, the President of Maakhir State in which Gheedi supported the idea of creating Maakhir State of Somalia

The silence of the Federal Authority is the biggest obstacle that the Maakhirians are facing and they can not understand why the central Authority is not supporting their noble actions?

Furthermore the Federal Authority should see the benefit of these two regions setting up their own Regional Government which then comes under the Federal Republic of Somalia as these Regions were both claimed Somaliland and Puntland which even lead to military clashes and now the Maakhirians are united with common goal of one Regional and one Authority.

Maakhirians were not happy when the Federal Authority handed ½ million dollars for the reconstructions of Laasqoray Port to the Puntland Authority and that was unexpected move by the Federal Authority.

Another Obstacle that the Maakhir State of Somalia is facing is that, the ruthlessness of Puntland propaganda warfare, since the declaration of Maakhir State of Somalia, the Puntland Authority run fear mongering propaganda in which the Puntland keep using the Maakhir State of Somalia did not represents the People of Sanaag and Puntland and if Maakhir State of Somalia succeeds THEN that will lead to destructions of Harti Pact and Hartinism!!

The Hartinism that Puntland is lobbying for was not there when rag tag militias of Ade Muse lead assaults on Majiyahan mining town in Western Bari and again when they were burning the acacias of Sanaag in order to get Charcoal!!

Another challenge in which Maakhir State of Somalia facing is the lack of financial and governmental institutions.

The two regions did not receive any direct international help and aid since the collapse of the Central Government in early 1990s.

There are no paved roads; there are no banks, no office buildings, no function police stations, no health authority, no airports, and not even functioning ports.

The Maakhirians are aware of the challenges they are currently facing and are very optimistic by starting everything from scratch, from zero, from basic.

The Maakhirians do have the will to progress but they do not have the mean and financial ability to produce the dream of them having their own regional State.

The Maakhirians in Diaspora is aware of the situation and is in process of holding meetings in order to discuss the situation and give a helping hand to their countryfolk.

However, it’s the duty of international bodies to do their share of help, the International bodies should direct their funds to the Maakhirians and not so called Puntland or Somaliland, the region is indeed independent from those two authorities.

If International bodies’ wants prove then they should go and visit Sanaag and Western Bari and see for themselves if Somaliland or Puntland has say in Maakhir Affairs.

The Maakhirians are advising to the international bodies to come and visit Sanaag and Western Bari and give a helping hand to Maakhirians who are in need of great help.

Raz Shirwa,