In an earlier article entitled ‘US, China, Norway, ‘Ethiopia’, Somalia and the Horn of Africa’, we analyzed the deterioration of the relationship between ‘Ethiopia’ and Norway, we focused on the emergence of China as no 1 influential power in the Horn of Africa region, and on critical developments pertaining to the formation of a new National Resistance Party in occupied Southern Somalia.

We recommended US support for the new National Somali Leader, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, in order to outmaneuver Tigray tribal dictator Meles Zenawi’s anti-US schemes with the Chinese to which Zenawi’s Somali puppets, namely the unrepresentative Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, have contributed for long.

In this article, we will make some crystal clear comparisons that US Senators, Congressmen, the entire Bush administration, and the US Diplomacy should take seriously into consideration, if they do not want to be twice losers in the Horn of Africa region.

Somalia vs. ‘Ethiopia’

Somalia may be divided now, but as it is one nation, it can be united in the future – with relatively little effort.

‘Ethiopia’ looks united now, but it does not consist in a nation, and as its various peoples hate the oppressive regime of ‘Addis Ababa’, they intensify their struggle to split it, seceding and achieving Independence.

Somalia larger than ‘Ethiopia’ – in real terms

Somalia may even look smaller either as surface or as population, but it all pertains to ostensibly weak Mathematics.

Somalia’s surface is estimated in encyclopedias as ca. 640,000 km2; this is definitely wrong, as one should also add the occupied Ogaden, a purely Somali region illegally invaded by Abyssinia at the immoral, colonial times of the Scramble for Africa whereby Abyssinia fully participated, colonizing many independent countries. Ogaden’s surface totals ca. 280,000 km2, and as Ogadenis passionately desire to unite with Somalia, there is no reason for any long-term consideration to specify Somalia’s surface as less than ca. 920,000 km2.

‘Ethiopian’ surface is officially proclaimed to be ca. 1,120,000 km2; suffice it that you take Ogaden out, and Africa’s single surviving colonial tyranny is left with a surface ca. 840,000 km2. This means that if we only cut Ogaden off ‘Ethiopia’, as its Somali population passionately desire, the rest of ‘Ethiopia’ – which does not belong to just one but to many peoples – is already of smaller surface.

Somalia – 920,000 km2, ‘Ethiopia’- 840,000 km2 or less?

If Montenegro with 700000 inhabitants managed to achieve independence, it would be myopic for the US administration to assume that Ogaden will not, further proceeding then and uniting with Somalia.

However, if we do not calculate Ogaden as ‘Ethiopian’ territory, again Ethiopia’s surface should not be estimated at 904,000 km2 because like the Ogadenis, many other peoples want to abandon this dysfunctional and anachronistic colonial relic.

We will find the details, when examining the population of the two countries; again at this level, ‘Ethiopia’ helps produce a trance to those examining superficially and comparing illogically.

Somalia – a 17 million people Nation

Somalia’s population is estimated at around 11 million people (totaling inhabitants of present states of Somaliland, Maakhir, Puntland, and Southern occupied territory); to this we have to add 4.5 million people who live in Ogaden, and thus, without calculating Somalis living in Djibouti, Kenya, parts of ‘Ethiopia’ other than Ogaden, and the Diaspora, we get a clear picture about the Somali population totaling ca. 17 million.

‘Ethiopia’ is a colonial state established out of the participation of the Abyssinian Amhara kingdom into the Scramble for Africa, and following the illegal and anti-historical usurpation of the name of Ethiopia by the besotted and manipulated pseudo-king Haile Selassie, a miserable puppet of the British and the French colonials. With Ogaden seceded, ‘Ethiopia’ accounts for 70 million people and a surface of ca. 840,000 km2.

Afars will soon secede, do not count for ‘Ethiopia’

However, if we consider that approximately 2 million Afars living in Afar Land (97,000 km2) ardently strive for National Independence, willing to merge with the Afars living in Djibouti and Eritrea, and thus control have over the strategic African shore at the Bab el Mandeb straits, we come to the conclusion that with Ogadenis and Afars seceded, ‘Ethiopia’ accounts for 68 million people and a surface of ca. 743,000 km2.

Compared to unified Somalia (920,000 km2), ‘Ethiopia’ deprived of the right to tyrannize Ogadenis and Afars starts looking small; but this is only the beginning.

With Ogadenis and Afars out, Ethiopia: 68 m people – 743,000 km2 surface

Slight modifications would occur in the aforementioned figure, if the Anuaks and the Nuers (the outright majority in the Gambella province) and the Berta and the Gumuz (the outright majority of the Beni-Shangul province population) secede.

Massacred in the Cenotaph ‘Ethiopia’, all these Nilo-Saharan populations aspire to independence or union with their fellow citizens in Sudan and South Sudan. As the Gambella and Beni-Shangul provinces’ surface totals respectively 25,800 km2 and 49,300 km2, and their population amounts correspondingly to 250,000 and 625,000 people, ‘Ethiopia’ accounts for 67 million people and a surface of ca. 668,000 km2. But these figures are again wrong!

Significant alteration will occur to these figures with the Independence and Secession of the various peoples who have been malignantly and dictatorially regrouped within the so-called Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region. Terribly persecuted, and mercilessly butchered, the Sidamas (ca. 33% of the region’s population), the Shekachos, the Kaffas, the Kambaatas, and other tyrannized nations want fervently to form their national homes. Some of them outnumber several European nations that have achieved independence before many decades.

Without the Southern Nations, Ethiopia: 52 m people – 556,000 km2 surface

In brief, the machination of the so-called Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region is truly atrocious; whereas the democratic approach should be to establish various federal provinces, with the major peoples of the area separated, and with each language promoted as official language of each province or state, a wider scheme was invented so that not a single language of all these peoples be possibly accepted as official!

On the contrary, Amharic was imposed in their stead, although it is absolutely alien linguistically (Amharic is Semitic, and all these peoples are either Kushitic or Nilo-Saharan), and loathsome socio-politically.

This criminal act would correspond to Nazi imposition of German as official language in WW II Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia and Poland; what even Hitler did not dare impose during WW II was tyrannically enforced in ‘Ethiopia’.

In the so-called Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region, all the different nations regrouped total 15 million people; the region’s surface is 112,400 km2. Considering the genocides perpetrated by the criminal Amharas and Tigrays under different totalitarian (monarchical, communist, pseudo-republican / bogus-federal) regimes in that region, we have good reasons to anticipate these peoples’ secession and self-determination within several national statehoods whereby each nation’s language will be the official one – not alien Amharic.

With them gone, fake ‘Ethiopia’ will be left with ca. 556,000 km2 surface and 52 million people. It would look far smaller than Somalia, yet more populous. However, one should carefully study the following.

Somalia – 920,000 km2, ‘Ethiopia’- 556,000 km2 or less?

Left with ca. 556,000 km2 surface and 52 million people, fake ‘Ethiopian’ tyranny would not consist in a national state. It would still be a most loathed – by its own citizens – African Gulag. It is noteworthy to add that the word ‘citizens’ in the previous sentence is a figure of speech. The racist Amharas have always considered the Oromos as ‘insects’.

Following the propaganda, and monitoring the activities of the Neo-Nazi Amhara party Kinijit, we have reason to believe that the Amharas never regretted and never repented for their political terminology, and racist ideology.

One gets a more illuminating understanding of ‘Ethiopia’, when noticing the Oromo deprecation for the erratic, counterfeit and faulty Millennium of the anachronistic and totalitarian Amharas and Tigrays, who idiotically call the Gueze Millennium as ‘Ethiopian Millennium’.

As the African tyranny’s largest nation, the Oromos form the quasi-totality of the population of Oromia, and the majority in both, Diredawa, and Harar (the two cities – regions).

At the same time, Oromos are the largest group in Finfinne that the Amhara tyranny illegally re-baptized as ‘Addis Ababa’. Oromia is the country’s most sizeable region with a surface of ca. 354,000 km2. Oromos throughout the country amount to approx. 29 million people.

With so many brave records in terms of National Resistance, the Oromos are expected to trigger the decisive shot at the heart of the loathsome corpse ‘Ethiopia’, thus prompting the dissolution of Africa’s most inhuman and illegitimate state.

With the Oromos seceding, the name Ethiopia will be lost for the Amharas

Without the Oromos, ‘Ethiopia’ will be left with a surface slightly larger than 200,000 km2 and with a population of around 23 million people.

Even worse, the country will be left unnamed, as the Oromos, seceding and establishing an independent state, will rightfully take with them the name of the country, as Ethiopia corresponds to the Ancient Kushitic Kingdom of Meroe, in the area of today’s Sudan, and only the Oromos and the Eastern Kushites in general have right to it.

With the Oromo Ethiopian Republic fixing its capital at Finfinne, and following the obliteration of the otherwise ignominious and absolutely useless name of ‘Addis Ababa’, the remnants of the tyrannical state still would not represent a national state.

Without the Ethiopian Oromos, Abyssinia: 23 m people – 200,000 km2 surface

Neither Amharas and Tigrays will be predisposed to live together, nor Tigrays will be willing to still be a landlocked state separated from Eritrea; and as the majority of Eritrea’s population (particularly after the secession of the Afars, regrouped around Assab) are the Tigrinya and Tigre speaking people, ‘Ethiopian’ Tigrays will find it normal to merge with Eritrea’s largest part into a new state of Abyssinia.

As the Tigray region has ca. 50000 km2 surface and there approx. 5 million Tigrays in today’s ‘Ethiopia’, with their secession and merge with Eritrea, the situation will start becoming clear.

Tigrays to secede and merge with Eritrea, Agaws to declare Independence

It would then be the correct time for the Kushitic people Agaw, who have been erroneously and tyrannically included in the Amhara region territory, to secede.

As they account for approx. 1 million people, the Amhara region will thus be finally characterized by homogeneity, and approx. 17 million Amharas will be regrouped around Gonder and the Tana Lake region.

It is only through these anticipated developments that one can better evaluate what the real power of the Amhara-founded and (only currently) Tigray-led colonial state of fake ‘Ethiopia’ is.

With the Agaws and the Abyssinian Tigrays gone, Amhara: 17 m people – 140,000 km2 surface

The postcolonial situation in ‘Ethiopia’ will leave approx. 17 millions of Amharas in control of a 140,000 km2 state around Gonder, their capital.

In real terms of surface and population, today the US are confronted in the Horn of Africa with the following choice, namely a partner selection among the three largest nations -states:

1. Oromo Ethiopia – 354,000 km2 – 29 million people

(currently non existent)

2. Somalia – 920,000 km2 – 17 million people

(currently divided and partly occupied)

3. Amhara state of Gonder – 140,000 km2 – 17 million people

(the moving force of fake, tyrannical ‘Ethiopia’, although overshadowed by the Tigray tyranny of Meles Zenawi over the past 16 years).

Somalia – 17 m people / 920,000 km2, Amhara – 17 m people / 140,000 km2

This is the basic rapport de force that one has to take into consideration. The frontal opponents at this moment, the various groups of Somali opposition to the ‘Ethiopian’ occupation of the Somali South, and the Tigray dictator Zenawi do not represent but a very recent Abyssinian – Somali fight. In this long fight, it was not the Tigrays but mainly the Amharas who led the anti-Somali fight.

One has to bear in mind the current circumstances of the ‘Ethiopian’ – Eritrean rivalry between two leaders of the same ethno-religious background, Zenawi and Afeworki. The rivalry and the war may have helped both survive, but the Tigray experiment in ‘Ethiopia’ is about to expire.

Observing the movements of the Kinijit Amhara chauvinistic and racially prejudiced party, one understands that they try to return in power, rejecting even the identity and the existence of the oppressed nations of the incredible, tyrannical realm.

Simply, they want to replace the Tigrays in the government, having been deprived from the benefits of tyrannical rule for 16 years. Unrepentable colleague of the communist dictator Mengistu, the leader of Kinijit Hailu Shewul is a repugnant figure of Brezhnev-times relic that dares travel to America and meet Congressmen in order to convince them to possibly trust him and let him perform another genocide in ‘Ethiopia’. The merge of the Tigray region with Eritrea may just be a matter of time.

Consequently, one has to translate the comparison Somalia vs. ‘Ethiopia’ to the very accurate contrast Somalia vs. Amhara.

Somalia vs. Amhara

This is the quintessence of the comparison, as through the aforementioned we mainly drew the conclusion that Ethiopia is a hollow substance, a technical entity that we should not let confuse us in the process of an accurate evaluation of the balance of power.

With the same population the two nations originate from extremely different backgrounds.

Differences of Idiosyncrasy, History and Culture

The Amharas are an isolated, solitary, intolerant and untamed people living for millennia on East Africa’s most arid and desolate mountains.

The Somalis, with a more illustrious past that exceeds that of the Amhara Abyssinians by at least 1000 years, are a gregarious and extroverted people spanning over more than 3000 km long coastline; sociable and tolerant, the Somalis have been highly skilled merchants and navigators, forbearing and lenient, open to new ideas, cultural influences of all sorts, and more importantly people from diverse backgrounds. Persians, Yemenites, Indians, Indonesians, other Africans, Turks, Jews, Egyptians, Aramaeans, Arabs, Greeks and others interacted with the Somalis – always benevolently and beneficially.

Somalia: Land of the Gods, Ta Netsher in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics

No wonder why Hatshepsut’s times – 3500 years ago – Egyptians considered Punt, as they called today’s Somalia, as Ta Netsher, i.e. Land of the Gods.

Somalia geo-strategically more important

Somalia is not only 6 times larger than the Amhara Gonder circumference, but also far more significant at the geo-strategic level. The Amhara territory is geo-strategically null; landlocked, in the south of the Tigray territory and Eritrea, in the north of Oromia, partly bordering with Sudan, and definitely small, the Amhara mountainous terrain cannot possibly interest any significant regional power, let alone global powers and superpowers.

Somalia offers full control of the straits Bab el Mandeb, ideal locations for naval and airbases that ensure the upper military hand over a radius encompassing Madagascar, Mozambique, Congo, Chad, Libya, Egypt, the Arabic Peninsula in its entirety, the Hormuz straits, Iran, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and most of the Indian Ocean. No other Indian Ocean coastal land offers similar possibility.

Somalia economically more important

At the economic level, Somalia represents a far more valuable place to invest, and this is not said with respect to the Puntland’s Oil resources. Somalia’s soil contains significant unexploited reserves of iron ore, tin, bauxite, copper, natural gas, and quite outstandingly uranium, without mentioning other minor resources like gypsum, and salt. With 3000 km long coasts of incredible beauty, Somalia can become the next big success in the History of Tourism. Agricultural products, fisheries, and low cost labor force complete the picture.

Contrarily to Somalia, the Amhara territory is devoid of important resources; most of the natural resources of ‘Ethiopia’ are not in the barren Amhara territory. Almost all the significant industries and plants are located in Oromia and Ogaden, and most of the agricultural exports originate from Oromia and the Southern region.

Analyzing political discourses of the oppressed nations’ leaders, one comes across the critical, economic dimension of the Amhara Abyssinian tyranny; the most important of the reasons of the late 19th and early 20th century Amhara invasion and occupation of foreign lands was the slave trade, and the deliberate and premeditated exploitation of the occupied territories’ natural resources. To this phenomenon is mostly due the purely inhuman character of the Amhara worse-than-Nazi tyranny.

Stripped from their illegal control over natural resources that do not belong to them, the Amharas will profile on permanent basis at the bottom of all economic records, indices and lists. They are therefore absolutely useless for the planning of a regional or global power.

Somalia geo-politically more important

Geo-politically, Somalia is also far more important than the anemic and barren territory of the omni-loathed Amharas; the mountainous heretic Abyssinians are despised and repudiated by all sorts of various peoples and diverse establishments. Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Morocco, Pakistan, India, so many and so different countries maintain mediocre relationships with ‘Ethiopia’. In Israel, they know much about the covered and not publicly discussed anti-Semitism of the Amhara debteraw, the illiterate priests.

Somalia on the contrary represents a sort of bridge between Eastern African, Bantu speaking peoples and Arabic speaking countries.

Sharif Sheikh Ahmed: far more important for the US than dictator Zenawi

More particularly, and with regard to ARS, and Sharif Sheikh Ahmed himself, a comparison with the loathsome dictator Zenawi leads to conclusions that are absolutely detrimental to the latter.

Zenawi offers no perspective in ‘Ethiopia’, whereas Sharif Sheikh Ahmed does in Somalia.

Even with US support, Zenawi will not keep his position in ‘Ethiopia’, whereas Sharif Sheikh Ahmed does not even need to US support to prevail first in the Somali south.

Time works against the US in Somalia

Perhaps, he will not rise there overnight; but time does not work against Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, whereas it does work against the US interests in Somalia because of the Puntland Oil Chinse connection.

As Zenawi is reviled by the numerous oppressed peoples of ‘Ethiopia’, foreign influence and arms sales may function in a way that will hit US interests, without Zenawi being able to prevent anything.

As Sharif Sheikh Ahmed is enthusiastically supported by Mogadishu’s Hawiye, the US, by offering him support and by first entering into speaking terms with him, will gain in many directions. With Sharif Sheikh Ahmed prevailing in the South, following the departure of the Ugandan soldiers, the Transitional federal Government’s deal with China will be canceled, and US companies will easily strike a deal with the new Mogadishu administration, solidified after a merge with Puntland and Maakhir.

Zenawi can offer naval bases for canoes!

Zenawi cannot offer the US naval bases, except for some canoes on the Tana Lake; landlocked as Ethiopia is, has no possibility to meet America’s most dramatic geo-strategic needs in terms of naval bases helping security and defense issues pertaining to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, Suez canal, Ormuz straits, Iran, Pakistan and India.

Sharif Sheikh Ahmed can certainly offer naval bases at any possible spot of the 3000 km long Somali coastline; among key decision makers in Washington, it is well known that a development like that will be so critical that it will certainly affect security and defense issues in Africa, Middle East, and the Indian Ocean over a perspective of at least 25 years.

Sharif Sheikh Ahmed possible to trust, unlike rogue thug Zenawi, and the Kinijit gangsters

If America invites Sharif Sheikh Ahmed to Washington, a common understanding can be built, and ideological excesses of the past can be avoided. Having worked with him from the beginning, the US will conclude correctly that they can trust Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

Quite contrarily, the US cannot trust tyrant Zenawi, who can turn to the Chinese for arms, mercenaries and monies at any possible moment he may panic. Zenawi can speak the same language of immoral and ruthless dictators with the Beijing cruel and inhuman tyrants. The US does not speak that language.

The same concerns the visiting leader of the Kinijit Amhara party; it was not wise to let Communist thug Hailu Shawul, responsible for the genocide of the Mengistu times, enter America. The Kinijit leader, friend and minister of communist dictator Mengistu, will find it easier to betray America for an alliance with China; when in Beijing he will relax with his interlocutors, studying together Lenin’s ‘State and Revolution’ or Mao’s ‘Red Book’.

Sharif Sheikh Ahmed – key to US branding among the Islamic World

Whereas not a single Christian in the world will feel a particular emotion for America’s support of an heretic, Monophysitic tyrant whose ancestors have repeatedly and mercilessly butchered Catholic and Protestant missionaries, often in an appalling way, dozens of millions of Muslims allover the world will perceive very positively America’s policy shift. They will interpret it as a new US approach to the Muslim World, more open, certainly friendlier, and obviously not partial.

More than just pleasing people, America’s policy shift and careful cooperation with a political leader earlier considered as collaborator of Islamists will widen US political basis, making Islamists’ maneuvers and policy making more difficult, while rendering their basis narrower.

By discrediting Islamist, Pan-Arabist, Russian and European rhetoric of anti-American contents, the US will be for the first time since 2001 able to set the entire issue of the War against Islamic Terrorism on new bases that the US – not others – will have conceived and launched, having also as allies many among yesterday’s Islamists.


In the picture we see Egyptians sailing to Punt from the Expedition to Punt commemoration text and representations on the Western Wall of the Southern Colonnade of the Second Terrace of Hatshepsut’s Mortuary Temple at Deir el Bahari, Thebes West, Luxor. As the Egyptian female Pharaoh sent an expedition to Punt (Somalia), so the US have to establish speaking terms with Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.


Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

Orientalist, Historian, Political Scientist, Dr. Megalommatis, 50, is the author of 12 books, dozens of scholarly articles, hundreds of encyclopedia entries, and thousands of articles.