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 Bosaso:- The latest news coming from the coastal commercial city of Bosaso are reporting that the city is in a state of panic and chaos as troops build up along the border with the newly named Maakhir State.

The tensions began after the Puntland administration rounded up influential business men from Maakhir, in the city of Bosaso without any justifiable reason given. The situation escaladed on Thursday, when the city police surrounded a home belonging to a Maakhir family a heavy battle ensued afterwards in which the police brutally used excessive force, bringing in artillery to force the men out. 

Following that some elders from Maakhir have met with the officials from Puntland to bring about peace and defuse the situation. Talks have failed after the Puntland officials wrongfully labeled the young men as belonging to a ‘terrorist cell which has ties with the ICU that is battling the Ethiopian Occupation. This caused alarm for Maakhir, fearing that some of their citizens might be handed over to Ethiopians or the Americans under false accusations.mfpp.jpg

Reports are coming in from the area that Maakhir has build up its troops near Bosaso, in the town of Laag, 2 hours away, with reinforcements coming from other parts of the State.  Laag is situated in a strategic location in that the main road to and from the Coastal city passes through it. The Maakhir forces have placed a blockade on the city of Bosaso, refusing to allow any flow of traffic going in or out of the city.

Northeastern Somalia has relatively been peaceful compared to other parts of the country, which has been without a stong central government for 16 years. These rising tensions could possible lead to an all out war, further in stabilizing this troubled country.