Amr Musa(SomaliNet) The secretary general of Arab League Amir Musa is expected to pay visit in Somalia in the next few days and it will be his first tour in the war-torn country, an Arab newspaper published on Monday.

The London based Sharqal Awsat newspaper said Mr. Musa is planning to visit Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia where violence is increased.

The paper did not mention a specific date of the Musa’s visit in Somalia.

“I will lead high level delegates of the League and our plan to pay visit to Somalia where violence has escalated to express that we are sharing the problem with the Somali society,” Amir Musa told the paper.

No word yet from the transitional federal government over the visit of Arab League secretary general.

His visit if confirmed will coincide as growing political row between Somali’s president Abdulahi Yusuf and his premier Ali Mohamed Gedi.

Meanwhile, the organization of Arab League has appointed a new envoy to Somalia after the TFG blamed former emissary for being bias.

Ibrahim Al-Suweymi, an Egyptian diplomat will replace former envoy Abdalla Mubarak, a Somali speaking man. Mr. Mubarak was accused of supporting the ousted Islamic Courts Union.

The new ambassador is expected to arrive in Somalia to his credential latter to President Abdulahi Yusuf.

By Mohamed Abdi Farah