The Front for Independence of Oromia (FIO) is the youngest among the political groups formed by Oromo politicians and Human Rights activists who are engaged in the Great Struggle for the Independence of Oromia. There is no doubt that the dynamism and the commitment of the FIO leadership to the creation of a free and independent country for the Kushitic Ethiopian Nation of the Oromos contributes tremendously to the awakening of the oppressed and tyrannized Oromos.

In terms of national Oromo politics, FIO is a great asset as due to its adamant position of non collaboration with the Amhara and Tigray Abyssinian elites of corruption, racism and tyranny it radicalizes the context of the Struggle for Liberation.

On the occasion of FIO’s second anniversary, the Front issued a press release that recapitulates the approach, the vision, the targets and the mission of the Oromo bulwark for Freedom and Independence. We therefore publish it here integrally.

Front for Independence of Oromia (FIO) – Pree Release, October 30, 2007

Victoriously Celebrated its 2nd Year Anniversary

The youngest Oromo organization, the Front for Independence of Oromia (FIO) is very proud to announce that it is victoriously celebrating its 2nd year anniversary with great achievements and renewed commitment to realize the sovereignty of Oromia.

The Front for Independence of Oromia (FIO) was established two years ago today, to liberate the people of Oromia from the oppressive colonial regime of Ethiopia and replace it with genuinely democratic republic of Oromia; where the people of Oromia will realize their legitimate right for self determination.

Today, FIO looks back and remembers sacrifices made by the people of Oromia and thousands of Oromo lives that were lost to defend the right of the people of Oromia for self determination. The birth of FIO has led to the emergence of renewed Oromo national struggle, a sense of renewed hope, new organizational vision and mission clearly outlining what the Oromo question is, and what it is that the people of Oromia want to achieve from their struggle. This is what FIO took back to the people of Oromia just two year ago today; and it has been received among Oromos inside Oromia and in diasporas with open arms and unparalleled welcome.

FIO has taken back its struggle to grassroots; Oromian independence fighters have now found a new front and unity; the people of Oromia have renewed hope about their future; and the Oromo national struggle is leading towards Oromia’s sovereignty. Above all, FIO has renewed its pledge to get back what has been taken from its people; and declared that the fate of the nation will now be decided by the people of Oromia; not by external factors and forces that may try to impose their influence on the Oromo people against their will.

In a matter of two years time since its establishment, FIO has overcome many obstacles, exceeded its targets, surpassed skepticism, surprised pessimists and now forged ahead strong and forever vibrant. FIO has made significant achievements in two years time and will continue to mobilize the Oromo people and its resources everywhere; to celebrate victory over its enemies.

FIO has started a new phase of struggle; and you can witness the successes it has achieved since its inception:

It has reinstated and defended the principle of self-determination and the ultimate goal of establishing an independent Democratic Republic of Oromia;

It has launched strategic campaign in which it has successfully exposed opportunists who want to surrender to the enemies of the Oromo people and negotiate the existence of its nation, Oromia against the will of the Oromo people;

It has designed Oromia’s Roadmap for Independence and launching a Grand National Strategic Plan that will enable the organization to achieve its goal;

It has organized Oromian compatriots under the leadership of FIO and intensified its political and diplomatic campaign by revamping its leadership capacity to reach out to, educate and mobilize the people of Oromia;

It has taken the initiative to promote unity of purpose among genuine Oromo organizations by supporting ULFO; while at the same time embracing the diversity of the Oromo nation as a strength reflecting the views that will enrich its struggle;

It has launched an armed struggle to protect its people from ruthless Ethiopian military that is continuously terrorizing and harassing its people.

It has renewed its pledge to intensify its campaign to dismantle the colonial system and sending a clear message to its enemy that the Oromo people will not be forced into abandoning their legitimate right for self determination;

FIO believes that free and independent Oromia is good for the region and pledging to promote peace and democracy among all its neighbours. It is asking all peace loving nations in the world to support the People of Oromia in their struggle for self determination;

FIO does not expect freedom to be handed down to its people without a sacrifice; and is determined to press ahead and intensify its struggle to end the cycle of violence against the Oromo people; by dismantling the dictatorial regime in Ethiopia and realizing the sovereignty of Oromia.

Oromia shall be Independent!

The Front for Independence of Oromia (FIO)

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

October 31, 2007