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Ogaden nomads trek across the mountains

For months, outside agencies were denied access to Ogaden

The UN has been assured that food will be allowed into Ethiopia’s Ogaden region and there will be no famine, the UN’s emergency relief chief says. “I received very strong assurances from the prime minister downwards,” he told the BBC after a visit to the area.

The south-eastern region has been off limits to aid agencies after rebel attacks and a counter-insurgency. Read the rest of this entry »



Separatist rebels in Ethiopia’s Ogaden region say days of air attacks on civilians have caused many casualties.

Helicopter gunships have been used to attack villages in the remote area, says the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF). Read the rest of this entry »

Qaar ka mid ah jabhada ONLF

Jabhada ONLF ee Ethiopia ka dagaalanta ayaa ku eedeysay dowladda in ay weerar ku qadeen, tuulooyin fog oo ku yaala gobolka Soomaalida Ethiopia, ee dhanka bari ee wadanka, iyadoo dowladu ku weerartay tuulooyinkaas diyaaradaha qumaatiga u kaca.


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a UN Office in Ogaden

With Darfur in mind, and following a flood of recent, revelatory publications, the UN took the decision to show a greater concern for the “Ethiopian Darfur in the making”. After several months of horrendous experience, involving extrajudicial killings, massive arrests, imprisonment of thousands of innocent people, and deliberate obstruction in the delivery of humanitarian aid and food supplies, the development is expected to ease the disastrous situation in which Abyssinian dictator Meles Zenawi plunged Ogaden. Read the rest of this entry » (AFP) — Ethiopian rebels Sunday said they had killed more than 270 government troops in fresh clashes in the volatile Ogaden region.The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) rebel group said most of the casualties stemmed from attacks on military trucks.

“In the period 26 October through 1st November these engagements resulted in over 270 troops killed with an unconfirmed number wounded,” the group said in a statement. Read the rest of this entry »


Africa’s most Appalling Tyranny Tumbles! As direct and logical consequence of Dictator Meles Zenawi’s atrocious deeds in Ogaden, a great number of Ogadeni youth joined recently the military branch of the ONLF, the Ogaden National Liberation Front. They were left with no choice.

Their houses burnt by the Amhara and Tigray tribal soldiers; their sisters raped in the streets of towns by the criminal thugs sent to keep the ‘order’ in Ogaden by Washington’s interlocutor, the notorious Tyrant Zenawi; their grandfathers mercilessly killed by the Abyssinian death squads because simply they were Somalis. Read the rest of this entry »

Ethiopian troops in Somalia

Ethiopian troops are supporting the transitional government

At least eight civilians have been killed and 12 people wounded in fresh fighting in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, witnesses say.

Fighting broke out when insurgents ambushed Ethiopian forces returning from a security operation, near the football stadium in Towfiq district.

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NAIROBI (AFP) — Ethiopian rebels on Sunday claimed they had killed at least 140 government troops in an attack in the Ogaden region, where the army is carrying out a crackdown. Read the rest of this entry »

Dhulka Soomaalida ee Ethiopia
Dhulka Soomaalida ee Ethiopia

Jabhadda ONLF, ayaa sheegatay in ay dishay ilaa 140 ka tirsan ciidamada dowladda Ethiopia kadib markii ay dagaal ay sheegeen in uu qorshaysnaa ay ku qaadeen meel u dhow deegaanka Caado ee gobolka ismaamulka Soomaalida ee Ethiopia.

Halkan ka dhagayso

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As a regional insurgency rages in Ethiopia, people of the Ogaden flee the government’s backlash from Steve Bloomfield in Bosasso 

THE SCRAPS of cardboard, ripped plastic bags and rusting corrugated iron that serve as Asha Abdullahi Ibrahim’s shelter rustle in the warm early morning breeze. Sat on the grey dust and stones outside her makeshift hut, a colourful purple and red dress and headscarf wrapped around her, Ibrahim surveys her new surroundings – a desolate refugee camp hundreds of miles away from her home in eastern Ethiopia. Read the rest of this entry »